The Sequel (audio only) – Selected Prose Podcast
Even Niagara Falls Ran Dry – Short Edition
The Town Dump – Hobart Pulp
The Census – Hobart Pulp
The Cement Mixer – Queen Mob’s Tea House
Mother’s Day / Father’s Day – Five 2 One
On My Mother’s Side / And My Father’s Side – Peach Mag
Ted Bundy Watches the Rose Bowl – Hobart
Searching for Clemente – Whiskey Paper
Brief Historiography of a Still-Unfolding Narrative – Hobart Pulp
The Neighbor’s Children – Lockjaw Magazine
Two AM, The Open Road – Matter Press
Snow Up Over – AAR
The Whole Pig – AAR


Fishing Line – Rejection letters
2 poems – Peach Mag
4 poems – Philosophical Idiot
Love Poem for Landscapes – Dirty Chai
Preamble to the Deceleration of Independence – Hobart
Less Time in Those Places – Metazen (defunct, now hosted here)
Life in Cups – AAR
that which surrounds us – AAR


Way Out in the Old West – La Piccioletta Barca
Minor Optimisms – Peach Mag
Songs of Our Lives: Famous Blue Raincoat – The Rumpus
Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance – Hobart Pulp
Running Through Wet Cement – Prairie Schooner Blog


Kerry Howley’s Thrown
Lee Klein’s The Shimmering Go-Between
Mary Miller’s The Last Days of California
Chelsea Martin’s Even Though I Don’t Miss You


Wigleaf’s Longlist Best of the Web 2014

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